Do you know or remember Stephen Bedingfield?   

Did i find you?  Or did you find me?


You probably arrived at this page via a search engine, like Google, when searching for your own name.  Most of us at some time have Googled our own names to see if they were on some webpage.  I used this natural curiosity to have you find and arrive at this webpage (sort of like flypaper - but please excuse the analogy).

If your name is listed below then you may be the old friend or acquaintance with whom i wish to reconnect.  Following the names are a few related terms that may suggest you really are the person i had in mind (so as not to confuse you with other folks with identical names).  Please take a look...

Dana Baker  -  Morrisburg Ontario, knew McCrank, Daisy, Jill Cole, Ed Cameron, 1968-

Jill Cole  -  Morrisburg Ontario, knew McCrank, Daisy, Dana Baker, Ed Cameron, Claude Noel, 1968-

Lorne Deltrop  -  Cambridge Bay, Jewish, knew Donna Olsen, 1986

Percy Gosling  -  Ingleside Ontario, ca. 1967

Patty Green  -  Plaster Rock NB, beautiful night at a lake near Sault St. Marie 1972, Concordia

Faye Hutt  -  Morrisburg Ontario area, bowling in Ingleside, The Staccatos at North Dundas,  ca. 1970

Akemi Kobayashi - Quadrantids meteors, lake near Yellowknife, January 3, 2005 at 4:00 AM, very cold at -40 C

Melissa Lewis  -  Edinboro State, Pittsburgh PA, artist, 1971

Sandy Mitchell  -  Edinboro State, knew Bill Manning, Pittsburgh PA, 1971

Наташа Орищук  -  Chernovtsy, Chernivtsi, Chernowitz, Черновцы, teacher, husband Sergei Orischuk, 1990

Сергеи Орищук  -  Chernovtsy, Chernivtsi, Chernowitz, Черновцы, teacher, wife Natasha Orischuk, 1990

Terry Parent  -  Osnabruck District High School, Ingleside Ontario, ca. 1967

If you think you are a person listed above then i would appreciate hearing from you.

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Warmest regards, Stephen Bedingfield