TSE 2017 Clear Sky Charts Stack
CSC Thumbnails: Pacific Coast to Missouri River

Clear Sky Chart Nearest Place
_Newport OR
_Salem, OR
_Detroit OR
_Madras OR
_Mitchell OR
_Dayville OR
_Prairie City OR
_SE of Unity OR
_Huntington OR
_Weiser ID
_Crouch ID
_Stanley ID
_Clayton ID
_MacKay ID
_Juncture #33 & #22, ID
_Rexburg ID
_Wilson WY
_Juncture #26 & #532, WY
_Dubois WY
_Morton WY
_Riverton WY
_Hiland WY
_Casper WY
_Douglas WY
_Guernsey WY
_Mitchell NE
_Alliance NE
_Ashby NE
_Mullen NE (24 km S)
_Stapleton NE
_Broken Bow NE
_Ravenna NE
_Aurora NE
_Geneva NE
_Beatrice NE
_Seneca KS
_Hiawatha KS
_St Joseph MO

Link to page of stacked CSC with further location information.

  • This is a stack of Clear Sky Charts (CSC) thumbnails from the Pacific Coast to the Missouri River with an average spacing of some 80 kilometres within the path of totality of the Total Solar Eclipse of 21 August 2017.
  • Each thumbnail consists of 2 rows of 24 blocks (above the underscore character before each place name); the top row is the forecasted hourly Cloud Cover, the bottom row is the forecasted hourly Transparency, over 2 days (the red vertical lines separate the days.)
  • Essentially, this is a cloud cover / transparency forecast over time (X-axis) along the path of totality (Y-axis).
  • Clicking on any CSC thumbnail will bring up the off-site CSC full chart for the referenced place (with a full explanation on using the CSC).
  • In the off-site CSC full chart, clicking on any block will open a full forecast map, which may be animated, providing context.
  • Full credit for the Clear Sky Chart goes to Attilla Danko (see ClearDarkSky CSC webpage) with data from Alan Rahill of the Canadian Meteorological Center.