The Transit of Venus - June 5, 2012
An Observing Project in Canada's Northwest Territories

Observing Sites

Note on Observing Sites:  There are no official observing sites for this project beyond the area at the Explorer Hotel, which will be cordoned-off for use by our group. The following observing sites are offered for your consideration.  We have visited each of these sites and believe the site information provided to be accurate.  Every participant should ascertain for themselves the suitability of any observing site taking into consideration such factors as accessibility, travel time to/from accommodations, possible obstructions on the horizon, and safety factors.  Concerning obstructions on the horizon: please be aware that at Contact IV, external egress, the Sun's altitude is very low on the horizon (+1.3 in Yellowknife to +2.0 at Dome Rock), so you should site your equipment with no obstructions on the horizon at egress, ~300 to ~322 azimuth at egress.

These sites and alternate sites are spread out over +380 kilometres of highway (+260 kilometres as the crow flies) should inclement weather, specifically cloudiness, necessitate a relocation to another observing site.  In fact, it is entirely possible to observe transit ingress and transit egress at different observing sites anywhere along the line of sites surveyed.

Many of these sites are out of town and you are responsible for your own transportation to and from the sites.  Vehicles are available for rent in Yellowknife (see Travel page).  Because the Transit is more than 6 hours and 40 minutes in length, not including equipment set-up / strike down time and traveling time, you should be prepared for a long day: food, water and beverages, camp chairs, insect repellent (not too bad in early June), sun screen, warm dry clothes, toilet paper, etc.


Observing Sites

Site Name Type of Site Kilometres East/West of Yellowknife **
Dory Point Nav Marker Alternate site 310.3 km West + ferry crossing
Highway to C4 Alternate site 180.4 km West
West Alt One Alternate site 126.1 km West
Black's Lookout Primary site 83.5 km West
Dome Rock Secondary site 81.4 km West
26km Outcrop Secondary site 25.9 km West
Explorer Hotel Primary site 0 km
Pilots Monument Secondary site 0 km
East Alt One Alternate site 41.5 km East
East Alt Two Alternate site 45.2 km East
Tibbitt Lake Alternate site 68.9 km East
** Observing sites west of Yellowknife are measured from the airport turn-off.  Observing sites east of Yellowknife are measured from the Highway #3 / Ingraham trail intersection.


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